Album Review: Separate Realities | Trioscapes

Separate Realities

By Trioscapes

First take Primus, throw in a splash of Muse, subtract the vocals and touch it up with a jazz sexyphone (you know… a saxophone). The result of this concoction calls themselves “Trioscapes.” Trioscapes is an experimental fusion/progressive rock band with Dan Briggs (Between the Buried and Me) walking the bass, Walter Fancourt (Casual Curious) wailing on tenor sax, and Matt Lynch (Eyris) blasting the drums. The band started in late 2011 and came out with their first album, Separate Realities, in May 2012.

The bass section of this band powers through music with its raging six-string bass guitar and drums that jump back-and-forth between sounds as diverse as metal and African beats. When the screaming sax comes into play, the sound is something original, unique, and slightly sloppy. In their song “Blast Off,” the sax player abolishes the sexiness of the instrument to take us in another direction; a direction I was not willing to go. They more than make up for that experiment with “Wazzlejazzlebof.” This song starts off jazzy and is met immediately with smooth bongo beats; this builds up to an epic fusion breakdown . . . if you can imagine that.

There are only six songs on this album, but with the shortest one at four minutes and fifty-nine seconds you can sit back and relax to these funky tunes for a while. “Blast Off” is the only song holding this album back from something great; despite this, it makes for decent background noise. The rest of the songs are strong, unique and full of that right kind of foot-tappin’ oomph. Overall, Separate Realities is an album that is definitely worth listening to. 


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