Album Review: Attack on Memory | Cloud Nothings

Attack on Memory

By Cloud Nothings

Melodies seductively leak from the piano and join a pulsating guitar riff all while a libidinously deep bass, creeps on in. Synesthesia settles as harmonic values and various hues of floating color melt into one and shake your whole world upside down.  Your entire world being shattered only highlights the beginning to an epic adventure. “Give up, come to. Give up, we’re through.” these lyrics float out of the speakers and haunt as much as they release ones tethered soul.  Fast riffs and neo-dinosaurean beats make you want to shake your head and dance in a fresh batch of warm butterscotch pudding.  What is going on? You are listening to the Cloud Nothings. They are an indie-rock band straight out of Ohio. Attack on memory is their third studio album and they obviously get better with time. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to one of the best albums of 2012 now is the time for redemption. I suggest loading the music on some sort of portable music player and going on a bike ride. Prepare for this epic bike ride by obtaining an 8-bit sword, an avocado pit, and a lighter. GET THIS, NOW.  You’re welcome. 

by Rebecca Vigil

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