5 Things You Need To Do in Pueblo West This Summer!

By Kara Mason

1.      Watch a sunset at Liberty Point

If you take S. Purcell Blvd. until you can’t drive any farther, you will run into Liberty Point. I recommend this drive at sunset. The point overlooks the mountains and Lake Pueblo in one direction and the Pueblo city lights in the other. There is something relaxing about watching sailboats at dusk.

2.      Enjoy a frappe at BoonDocks Coffee Company

I like coffee… a lot. But if you don’t, they also have an awesome assortment of wines and beers, perfect for the dog days of summer. Plus, the atmosphere is comfortable and there is always plenty of local art hanging around to look at. Located at 76 N. McCulloch Blvd.

3.      Watch the 4th of July fireworks show

Just after dark, the Pueblo West Fire Department sets off a pretty good show that takes place just off of Palmer Lake Dr. Even if you’re parked on the other side of McCulloch Blvd., it feels like you are right there. It’s literally the closest you can get to professional fireworks without getting caught on fire.

4.      Catch a fish at Cattails Crossing

Just across from the Pueblo West Library on McCulloch Blvd. sits one of the Pueblo West’s favorite fishing holes. The fishing pond is designed for kids 16 and younger but serves as the perfect place for an evening stroll as well.

5.      Get a sandwich at Deli Dave’s

Located at 360 S. McCulloch, Deli Dave’s is the perfect place to grab a quick summer lunch. The sub shop is practically a landmark in Pueblo West. They’ve been serving up soups, salads and sandwiches since 1987. They also cater which makes a group picnic a great idea too!

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