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May the flipper by with you | Star Wars Pinball – Game Review

Zen Studios
Zen Studios

Multiple Platforms

Zen Studios creates magical nostalgia by combining two things (Pinball + Star Wars) and then throwing both at you, warp speed. I had a nerdgasm once an AT-AT popped up on my screen and I was able to defeat it with my balls.  This game will have you pumping your fist into the air full throttle and screaming like a little school girl. Make sure to play this game with your curtains pulled back and windows open. Just to verify with your neighbors that you are definitely bats hit crazy. I definitely do not have a bad feeling about this. You can get all three tables including: Boba Fett, The Clones Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back for much less than an actual pinball table. The tables allow you to play scenes from the actual movies. Each scene has three checkpoints just in case you lose a ball. You can pick up where you almost left off and once a scene is completed you get that feeling of accomplishment almost like you won the Nobel Prize—almost.  There are a multitude of score multipliers on each table allowing you to score in the billions.  The quotes, sound effects, visual aesthetics and innate ability to reignite a flame that you didn’t even know was out, are definitely worth the purchase. Are you ready to play pinball in the comfort of your own home or mobile device? My advice, you most certainly are.  Without having to hold those ancient clunky quarters and wasting more coins than you anticipated. Buy this game and may the force be with you.

by Rebecca Vigil

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