Another Solid | Game Review – Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

If Red-Bull gives you wings, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance gives you a bag of cocaine, a jet pack and a sword.  I said god damn! Whap Whap Whap! As you are fighting the first boss battle the adrenaline rush that occurs is off the charts. The music and the fighting style go sword in hand and make you feel like a true bad ass. The lack of depth within the environments is made up with the in-game fighting mechanics and boss battles.  The boss battles happen frequently and they are incredibly epic. The soundtrack that blares from the television makes you tune out of reality and get zapped into another realm. If you’re like me you may find yourself finding the soundtrack online. You can listen to it for free via the music application, Spotify.  If you want to keep yourself from throwing the controller at your moms tv then I definitely would suggest that you learn how to counter. Countering is explained in 3 seconds so if you miss this, just google a quick tutorial and you’ll be a much happier soul. This is a short and intense game that someone can chop through in a dedicated weekend.  This game will reward you the more you replay it—unlocking Trophy’s and Achievements along the way. If you have an extra few bucks I’d definitely recommend renting it since the single player is not very lengthy.  

by Rebecca Vigil

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