Rhi Rhi Rites a Book | Relations by Rhi Rhi | Rhianna’s New Fake Book

Superstar Rihanna has paved new ground and expanded her empire into the literary sphere with the release of her first book, Relations by Rhi Rhi. In this pocket guide to romance, Rihanna opens up about her relationship with Chris Brown, ensuring audiences that “We Found Love.” In a brilliant chronology, Rhi Rhi begins with the end so readers don’t have to wait to find out if theirs is a Cold Case Love and needs to be called out as an S.O.S. or if it’d be best to continue on and Do Ya Thang. As a self-proclaimed Good Girl Gone Bad, Rhi Rhi gives advice on everything from S&M to maneuvering a California King Bed, including a pop-up Birthday Cake diagram. The most seemingly useful part of this guide is the section about conflict resolution. Your man stepping out on you? Shut Up and Drive or Wait Your Turn, because, as Rihanna puts it, “let’s be realistic, you really aren’t the Only Girl (In the World). You may as well be Lost in Paradise if you think that Rude Boy ain’t playin’ Russian Roulette and Breakin’ Dishes with someone else. So turn to him and his Cockiness and scream out ‘What’s My Name?’ Ladies, I know you love the way he lies, so just Get It Over With, Talk That Talk, and if it don’t work out, Take A Bow.” 

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