Horoscopes for April

by Rebecca Vigil

What does April hold in its future for you? Rebecca Vigil is here with her always true and mostly entertaining or is it mostly true and always entertaining horoscopes. Think she got it wrong or do you just love let her know in the comments below.

Capricorn 12/22–1/19

If communications were askew last month thank Mercury, the messenger. Things should be getting back to semi-normal somewhat soon, probably.  What’s the fun in normal, though? Nothing kills a wild spirit more than comfort. I urge you to get out of your comfort zone and try something fresh—maybe the Prince of Bel-Air? I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes—it told me that you need to stop, collaborate and listen. Listen to that inner voice, Capricorn and follow your heart. Your lucky day this month will be Saturday!

Aquarius 1/20–2/18

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! April is the perfect month to find a balance between your outer world and the interior. Before satisfying someone else make sure that your own needs are being met.  This preparation will come in handy around April 19th. If you’re feeling a handful of problems before April 19th release your fists of fury on April 18th—National High Five Day! High five your problems away, it’s sure to work marvelous wonders.  On the other hand, you could just blame your complications on Mars.

Pisces 2/19–3/20

Dear Pisces, if you’re going to get wet you might as well go swimming. This is the perfect month to dip your toes into uncharted waters, and then take the plunge.  An April spate is likely to bring on a May date. Read between the lines and you’ll find all that you need to know. This month, stop the search for that which you seek so that it can also seek you.  Mercury is back to normal but it is still affecting your chart in mischievous ways. On April 23rd make sure to celebrate National Take a Chance Day—it just may prove to be worth your while.

Aries 3/21–4/19

Venus, Mars, and the Sun create a dynamic magnetism that will highlight your life in every way. At the beginning of the month your passion is riding so hot it may burn anyone that isn’t prepared for this fervent hunger—including yourself. Lasso this energy and slowly ride it out until the end of the month, so you don’t burn out by the 8th. Patience will be your virtue and if you don’t utilize this, it will hurt you. If you ignored my pleas you may hit a hiatus but things will pick up right where they left off.

Taurus 4/20—5/20

If you want to take on two birds with one stone why don’t you strategize taking down the fowl megalithic beasts? My strategy would be to take the beginning of the month with a grain of salt. You may experience disappointments and you may think all your efforts are in vain. Spend this time reflecting, and just trying to enjoy the hectic celestial climate. Once April 15th occurs Venus enters your sign, smacks you in the face, and shows you a whole new world. Wake up, Taurus!

Gemini 5/21–6/21

Remember Gemini, no matter how much the waitress flirts with you they are more than likely interested in just the tip. Here’s a tip, at the beginning of the month the stars are dancing and they are urging you to be as social as possible. When you are in this realm it will open up a lot of possibilities. Group projects are going to be fortunate. If you’re hungry but you don’t know what for, adventure will surely satisfy that appetite. During the latter half of the month Mercury and Jupiter couple up and create a more intimate atmosphere. How deep is your love?

Cancer 6/22–7/22

Relationship issues will have the opportunity to suck you in, just like a sink hole. This could be a co-worker, a romantic partner, or even a friend. The weight that you feel will be heavier than it actually is. This may make you feeling pretty vulnerable during the beginning of the month, it will subside later on. Aside from personal issues arising this is an excellent month to focus on your career. Just make sure to take the initiative so you are not overwhelmed by the wave of opportunities coming towards your shore.

Leo 7/23–8/22

Carpe Diem, Leo—seize the day! This is going to be a successful month on all fronts. If you have a crush or a romantic partner, be prepared for ardent passion to rattle your world. You may feel the need to wrap all of your attention around one thing, but spread the love. You may have the energy of two people this month which is great! Just watch out for injuries or infections by taking care of the person that matters the most in your life—you.

Virgo 8/23–9/22

Are you putting the anal in analysis this month? Quit being so hard on other people and they are likely to return the favor. The celestial climate this month is going to be the polar opposite of last month. During the beginning of the month you may grow a worry wart—it’ll be zapped mid-month and things will fall back into place. What lessons have you accrued that you can utilize this month? The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude about it. Choose to be authentic in everything you do and the rest will fall into place.

Libra 9/23–10/22

If you have a feeling like your life is stuck in park there’s a good chance it is. Why don’t you man handle the stick shift of your life and go in overdrive along your own highway of pious passion? That Bentley may be safe in the garage but that’s not what it was made for. Go on a quest, go on an adventure. The question is not who is going to let you but who is going to stop you? To find your balance this month why don’t you take up a yoga class and spread your time appropriately and moderately.

Scorpio 10/23–11/21

Two pretzels were walking down the street—one was assaulted, probably because it was kneady. This is perfect dough, because April 26th is National Pretzel Day (NPD)! Make sure to celebrate this knotty holiday—all month. You’ll have ample room to make importance decisions during the beginning of the month, the rest will be magical—you go Glen Coco! A Lunar eclipse occurs in your sign the day before NPD and creates a void in which you can become a wizard. The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude about it.

Sagittarius 11/22–12/21

If you are feeling the need to be creative why don’t you spin around in circles and pretend you are drunk.  Don’t worry, be hoppy Sagittarius—just go with the flow. The celestial alignment occurring right now is favoring change of all sorts— especially dimes. Walk down the street of your own creation with a mighty gusto and everything else will fall in place. This is a favorable month just remember always and never are two words you should always remember never to use. Unexpected surprises are in store for you but now that the cat is out of the bag, doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?

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