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Aural stuffing of your brain | Podcast Review – stuff mom never told you

Have you ever pondered, “Where did Pantyhose Come From?” or “Can You Marry Your Cousin?”  How about “What do Parasites and Razor Burn Have in Common?” or this chart topper “What’s the Scoop on Lady Poop?” 

Well you can find the answer to these questions and many others by listening to the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast. The podcast is produced by HowStuffWorks.com, a website that hosts a variety of information including but not limited to etiquette and manners, engineering, zoology, cooking, auto, etc. The best part of the website is the podcasts, hands down. 

Stuff Mom Never Told You, happens to top my list. The two intelligent albeit quirky women Cristen and Molly host Stuff Mom Never Told You, in Atlanta, Georgia at the HowStuffWorks studios. The greatest thing about this podcast is that it is entirely dedicated to the subject of women and often includes our favorite friend, hormones. Both Cristen and Molly illustrate their topics in a down to earth manner while combining witty sarcasm and blunt truth on topics not typically discussed. 

I’m fairly certain that if either of these women lived in southern Colorado or if I lived in Atlanta, Georgia that we’d be instant, “bosom friends” (thanks Anne Shirley).  I have often found answers to my most burning questions like, “Why do women shave their legs?” and “Does perfume really enhance my ability to attract the opposite sex?” with their podcasts. Short, sweet, and to the point Stuff Mom Never Told You manages to find the equilibrium between professionalism, realism, ridiculousness, and humor. I must admit that performing such laborious tasks, as putting on makeup and blow-drying my hair are now educational and fun with these two lovely ladies at my side.

by Genevieve Ackley


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