Attention Metalheads — Force the Trigger

Courtesy Force the Trigger
Courtesy Force the Trigger

ATTENTION: Southern Colorado!  Grab your hard hats, safety vests, and steel toe boots!  You will need them for this adventure.  We are diving into the world of metal!  Before I scare you away, let me tell you; we will not be working a twelve hour shift at the Mill.  No, no.  I am taking you on a tour of Pueblo’s local metal music.  Unfortunately, our time together is limited and I can only introduce you to one of our local favorites: Force the Trigger.  If you are not familiar with this band, pay close attention.  You don’t want to miss a thing. Please, remember your hard hats. 

Force the Trigger is not your average metal band.  Their strongest influences have been As I Lay Dying and Killswitch Engage.  If they could be put into any genre, it would be melodic metal-core.  As heavy a sound they boast, their melodies are upbeat, solid, and full of clean riffs and harmonics.  Sounds far-fetched, right?  This is where it gets even weirder.  The band’s name and lyric content are derived from positive messages.  To “Force the Trigger” is not an act of violence.  It is a metaphor for setting things in motion.  Once it has happened, there is no turning back.  Their songs further emphasize this with positive lyrics and uplifting messages.  So… where’s the metal?

The brutal neck-breaking, fist-pumping sounds pour from the musicians themselves.  Aaron and Dylan are the band’s guitar players.  Watching them play off each other is equal to watching a fire doused in gasoline: explosive.  The rhythm section ignites this flame.  With Moudi on drums and Johnny on bass you are forced to feel the fiery metal in your stomach.  Their bass beats top any 10” subwoofer.  Just as oxygen is required for a fire, this band would not be possible without a singer.  Jon is the vocalist for Force the Trigger: he is not your typical metal singer.  He combines screaming with clean singing in a unique way.  

When you mix these metal-heads together you get a sound so explosive and upbeat, you can’t help but jump in the mosh pit.  You may be asking, “Vera, when will I ever get this opportunity?”  Worry not, metal lovers!  Your next opportunity to watch Force the Trigger bring the house down is March 23rd at Phil’s Radiator. Just don’t forget those hard hats!

by Vera Coleman

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