Ft Carson Soldier Clinton Romesha awarded the Medal of Honor

Fort Carson soldier Clinton Romesha was awarded the Medel of Honor from President Obama at the White House for actions taken when his outpost in Afghanistan was under attack in 2009.

Read more about Clinton Romesha at CNN:

Explosions from the dawn attack “shook them out of theirs beds and sent them rushing for their weapons, and soon the awful odds became clear,” Obama said.

“What happened next has been described as one of the most intense battles of the entire war in Afghanistan,” the president continued. “The attackers had the advantage, the high ground, the mountains above, and they were unleashing everything they had — rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns, mortars, snipers taking aim.”

Romesha and his men “had never seen anything like it,” Obama said.

“With gunfire impacting all around him, Clint raced to one of the barracks and grabbed a machine gun,” the president said. “He took aim at one of the enemy machine teams and took it out. A rocket-propelled grenade exploded, sending shrapnel into his hip, his arm and his neck, but he kept fighting, disregarding his own wounds and tended to an injured comrade instead.”

Later in the battle, Romesha and his team charged more than 100 yards through enemy fire to reach wounded soldiers in the outpost, Obama added.

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