1st Annual Community Issue

Every month, PULP comes together to decide the central theme and stories we should share with you. We want to curate some of the best stories you’ve never heard or narrate the ones you have, in a different way. Since January, we’ve focused on unique stories in every issue and we are proud this voice has been well received.
A few months ago, we had the curious idea of having a community issue. The talk ranged from a BEST OF issue to a community guide. Then we had this amazing thought: what if for August, our community issue wasn’t told by us but by you. What if the community stages a revolt and talked about building a better community in PULP?

In August, for our first annual community issue, we are letting you take over the issue.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Tell us a story of an individual or group that’s helping Southern Colorado.
  • Tell us a story of a voice that goes unheard in our community but needs to be heard.
  • Tell us a story of someone who embodies the idea of community either here in Southern Colorado or somewhere else.
  • Tell us a story of something so interesting that it needs to be printed.
  • Show us a great photo capturing the essence of our community.
  • Tell us a story in pictures.

How to begin:

Find a good story and start writing.

Submit your article no more than 600 words. Send all submissions to thepaper@pueblopulp.com. Please include your full name and phone number where we can reach you. We will not print political or partisan editorials. We reserve the right to edit any articles for content, grammar and spelling. Your name will appear in the article. The deadline is July 15th for final submissions.

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