It’s Time to Drink Good Beer

Mass Transit

Mass Transit will appeal to drinkers of amber ales.  From the outset it has a strong resemblance to Fat Tire.  However, with Mass Transit, you can taste the attention to detail Bristol puts into their beers; the balance between barley and hop flavors is precise in the way only a smaller scale brewery can achieve.

® Bristol Brewing Company
® Bristol Brewing Company

® Bristol Brewing Company
® Bristol Brewing Company

Laughing Lab

A good beer to go with a steak.  Laughing Lab is a masculine brew, the kind of beer that makes you want to hammer up some drywall.  Laughing Lab is like the girl who hints at a lot of good things all night but, whose high viscosity will likely end up getting you into a fight by the end of it all.

Tripel & Dubbel Belgian Style Ale

Belgian Style Ale Dubbel:

Redhead, soft, light, calm and confident, gentleman’s beer, sophisticated, drink slow, clean finish, simple and a session beer.

Belgian Style Ale Tripel:
B-iscuity – malty
D-ry Finish

Bottle Conditioned with yeast at 65-70 degrees, refermented, sweet – pretty, but sometimes too much makeup, Belgian-lacing, Coriander, Cinnamon, and Winter Spice.

@ Bristol Brewing Company
@ Bristol Brewing Company


A great beer for both hop heads and malt lovers. One of the first things that pops out when we drink Freshtracks is the fresh and rich flavor of the brew.  Freshtracks is able to harness the full hop spectrum and the smoothness of Stella Artois by using only the freshest hops from Grand Junction in their brews, often picked the day they are dropped in the brew.  Some detect hints of mango and pineapple in Freshtracks.

hazed & confused

Put simply Hazed and Infused is a drinking beer, and also perhaps a bad decision beer. It is girlfriend friendly while maintaining the full hop profile, hopping the beer during the brew. Hazed and Infused also utilizes the brewing technique of dry hopping, which adds to the distinct aroma and unfiltered, hazy look of Hazed and Infused. 

® Boulder Beer Company
® Boulder Beer Company

Where to get these beers:

The Downtown Bar

New owners, Keith Avery and Brian Palomar have kept up the Downtown Bar’s tradition of putting good microbrews on the tap. 


Hercules Liquors

When you ask a beer rep what liqour store has a great selection of micro and craft brews and he responds, “Hercules!” You know where to go.


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