Album Review: Confess- Twin Shadow

Listen, I love Sisters of Mercy, okay? Stop laughing, a-hole, this doesn’t make me feel anymore masculine than Burt Reynolds in a pair of jellies and a Rainbow Bright T-shirt. Burt and I know how this makes us look, but we don’t care. Just remember, Burt can certainly still whip your ass and keep his mustache dry in the process… and we go way back. But do I digress? Absolutely not! 

Much like Burt Reynolds in a Rainbow Bright T-Shirt, the music of Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr.), and his new album, “Confess,” has a feminine quality protected by the ability to get dangerous at a moment’s notice. The album’s flagship song, “Five Seconds,” harkens back to the mind-numbingly exciting days when people uttered the words, “hey, have you heard Joy Division…” for the first time. Twin Shadow takes his listeners on a low-rider adventure through a strangely familiar new-wave battlefield… only the beasts are real, alien, and just now becoming known to science. 

George Lewis Jr’s Dominican Republic motherland has given America a kaleidoscopic, original, and youthful take on the electronic over-and-underground music of the Regan era. While some of us were still drooling in the decade of greed…   the “Confess” album reveals to us what we were too young to digest in real time. Unlike similar contemporary artists like Neon Indian, Chairlift, or Grimes, Twin Shadow sews his influences directly on the bloody flesh of his dominant arm. I hate to speak for Twin Shadow, but the music truly speaks for itself; George Lewis Jr loves Sisters of Mercy, Keith Sweat, and Tears For Fears, and I don’t think he gives two damns if you know about it. 

It is great to know that there is a man out there standing unashamed… straddling the shoulders of under-appreciated artists… ready to show the rest of us what we are missing.

Artist: Twin Shadow

Album: Confess

Released: 2012

Label: 4ad

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