Vintage Album Review – Jimmy Bruno Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand

By Jimmy Bruno

Picture please, Joe Pesci in full Scorsese beauty swigging from a bottle of Rolling Rock, sitting atop a stool at the head of a jazz trio crammed into the corner of a cramped bar. Gushing forth a fluid stream of notes, as the smoke from a smoldering cigarette tucked snug into the top of his guitar, hovers halo-like above his head. If you’re able to do that, then you’ve almost witnessed Jimmy Bruno in all his diminutive glory. Beginning his career at age 19, getting the chance to tour with drum legend Buddy Rich, he would later have the distinction of being the only guitarist to lead Frank Sinatra’s big band. Tired of being a session man in LA, Bruno moved back east, releasing his debut Sleight of Hand in 1992. The riff that greets you at the start of the album, gives a hint of the dextrous bop you’re about to enjoy. And though Bruno rips through riffs at a speed most guitar gods would bow to, his melodic phrasing and dynamic timing allow the tunes to steer clear of musical masturbation. An ideal starter album for guitar/music fans who’ve been thinking of dipping their toe into jazz.

Artist: Jimmy Bruno
Album: Sleight of Hand
Year Released: 1992
Label: Concord 

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