The Halloween List

There are so many events happening in Colorado this holiday, too many to write about. So, with all the exciting events taking place this Halloween, which one will is the most promising for a scary, interactive, and fun evening? Is that even a real question? With all the zombie hype lately, shooting zombies is the obvious choice! Zombie Paintball Massacre is my vote for this Halloween for people willing to drive to Denver. As for people wanting to stay close to home, Mind Seizure looks to be the scariest attraction within a reasonable distance. The choice is yours, attend at your own risk.



Historical Ghost Walk – (October 4 & 5)

For the last nine Halloweens, local Puebloans have come together to reenact the ghastly past of Pueblo’s ghosts. For those curiously into ghost tales, guided tours leave every fifteen minutes to take people downtown for some spine-chilling stories about Dock Holiday, Luis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre, and Andrew McCellan and his mummies.


Pantaleo Pumpkin Patch – (October 5 -14)

Gather on 40th lane out in Pueblo County to pick out Pueblo’s best Pumpkins at the Great Pumpkin Patch. Book a trip on a hayride with the kiddos, pick the perfect pumpkin, go through the giant corn maze, or enjoy Pantaleo’s quality food, either way, there is family fun to be had. Free admission and no scare factor included!


The House of Dracula – (October 11, 12, 18, 19, 20 (matinee), 25, & 26)

A local theatre group known as the Impossible Players is performing a spin-off of “The House of Frankenstein” at the Impossible Playhouse. Igor and Frau Lurker, alongside the Baron and Baroness, take what they expect to be an exciting trip to the Transylvania fortress. What they discover is sure to be unearthly and even involves meeting Dr. Jekyll. Enjoy an evening watching them all run for their lives on stage!


Evil Dead: The Musical – Pueblo, CO (October 12, 13, 18, 19, & 20)

Get musical this Halloween at Damon Runyon Theatre as five college kids disrupt an evil force while they visit a suspicious cabin in the woods. This isn’t the standard suspenseful scary story, attached are witty and satirical songs to dilute the horror if Sam Raimi’s original 1980’s Evil Dead cult classic.


Southern Colo

Day of the Dead – Canon City, CO (October 4 – 26)

Joy is ripe in this eerie setting as a vibrant sorrow fills the FCA this October. Yellow, red, black, and white decorate the room in the form of ofrendas and elaborate flower arrangements to value the dead. Hauntingly stunning and colorful sugar skulls speck the walls alongside the nearly unnoticeable epitaphs. The building reaps with departed souls encouraged by the magnificent offerings this season. So don’t leave the building with a soul attached.


Hell’s Trail – Avondale, CO (October 11 – 26)

Taking this trail of terror, creaks, cracks, and cackles of the wild resonate where horror is sure to strike. This mile feels much longer than usual when something is lurking behind, sure to send a chill down a spine or raise hairs on a neck. Keeping those eyes peeled is crucial. Try to reach the end without screaming. (Every Fri and Sat from Oct. 11 to Oct. 26)


Colorado Springs


Halloween Dance Party with Whiskey Fingers – (October 25)

Not looking to get scared? How about looking to party? For a short drive, Stargazers is offering a SPOOKTACULAR night full of costumes, Halloween drink and food specials, and dancing. All night long, with local classic rock band, Whiskey Fingers, Stargazers is sure to be eventful, but only for those 21 and up.


Mind Seizure – (October through Nov 2)

This Oldest Haunted House in Colorado Springs is actually haunted only adding to the already uncanny. Dr. Spock may be found creeping around this one level complex performing fear-controlling experiments on his patients, or is he? Whether bloody, gorey, or startling, several rooms are sure to be pure lurid. Fear facing is a must, so expect the repulsive and gruesomely unexpected. (Thurs 7pm – 10pm, Fri & Sat 7pm – 11pm)


Haunted Mines – (October through early November)

Descend into a haunted tomb of miners murdered by their greedy gold-digging boss Jeremiah McDygut. In this curious pathway, someone is sure to shriek, but who will hear those screams underground? Only the ones who’ve reaped there for 13 years. Witness the many angry souls confined to this dingy grave. But beware, curiosity can bring terrible fates. (Open Thursday – Sunday at 7pm)


Murder on Midland Terminal – Victor, CO (October 19)

A Midland Terminal engineer has gone missing for unknown reasons leaving the people in Victor, CO confused. Solve this mystery of the 1890s, once your reserve a space as a detective, and explore the town for clues alongside other actors. Spend the whole day investigating the town before grubbing down on a western BBQ dinner at the Gold Coin Club. You may be Victor’s only hope so reserve your space as a detective before someone else does.



Colorado’s Coolest Corn Maze – Botanic Gardens (September 13 – October 27)

Watching from the 15-foot tall bridge, kids of all ages maneuver through the 8-acre corn maze crunching the dead corn beneath their feet. Corn mazes are scary, thanks to M. Night Shyamalan, but this particular corn maze has no scare factor, unless a person is claustrophobic. Heads bob up and down through the maze, eventually reaching the end triumphantly, while people less enthused over a corn cut path choose to hitch a hayride or pony ride instead.


Elitch Garden’s Fright Fest – (October 4 – 27)

At nearly 0700, Friday September 13th, a darkness collected over Elitches. Treading lightly through this familiar theme park, there is unease in the air. Growls and groans echo in the distance with screams sure to follow. The undead stirs in Denver looking to feast on delicious human flesh, so take caution when innocently waltzing into the Flesh Factory and freak shows.


Denver Zombie Crawl – 16th Street (October 19)

Pioneering through the Organ Trail, many have willingly joined the army of undead collecting clues to achieve checkpoints and win cash prizes, dually setting the world record for World’s Largest Zombie Crawl. There is a comfortable feeling when dragging alongside fellow undeads in pursuit of after parties at Casselman’s and Meadlowlark, so just follow the trail of bloody groans to get there.


A Halloween BOO-lesque – Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret (October 25 – 31)

Settle in this small, luxurious venue this Halloween and get ‘thrills and chills’ watching the Clocktower Clockettes get spooked right down to their pasties. During this holiday, who would’ve thought vampires, zombies, witches, and even the Blob would be sexy? Come in costume for chances at prizes and take a seat next to host Naughty Pierre for a stirring comedy and ghostly burlesque.


Haunted Field of Screams – (September 27 – November 2)

Surrounded by 16-foot tall corn stalks, the moon lights this maze of blood curdling darkness. Trapped in this field is every zombie, clown, and escaped asylum patient nightmare imagined, leaving anyone that enters unnerved and panicked. Look around corners for any dreadful frights in order to make it out alive. Who knows what devilish beings are waiting. (Thurs & Sun til 10pm Fri & Sat til Midnight September 27 – November 2)


Zombie Paintball Massacre – (September 27 – November 2)

As the corpse army continues to invade all areas of Colorado this year, select few are choosing to combat them. Travel with haste through yet another corn maze to obliterate the threatening zombie horde. The weapon of choice? 19 brave ones get their own paintball gun to combat the flood of undead. These zombies are coming, ready or not. (Thurs & Sun til 10pm Fri & Sat til Midnight September 27 – November 2)


Photo: Flickr

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