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As part of its Borderlands of Southern Colorado Lecture Series, El Pueblo History Museum hosted Chicana poet Emmy Pérez to read from her latest collection of poetry: “With the River on Our Face” – a book influenced by her history and direct experience of life on the border. Pérez is an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In 2017, she was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in poetry. She has […]... Read more
“It’s commonly said that a newspaper is fresh in the morning and fish wrap by the evening,” writes John Temple, the former editor of “Rocky Mountain News” (dubbed “The Rocky” by subscribers) – a daily award-winning newspaper published in Denver from April of 1859 to February of 2009. At the time of its closing “The Rocky’s” circulation was upwards of 250 thousand people. The paper has won four Pulitzer Prizes since 2000, including one in Feature Writing and Feature Photography. […]... Read more
It’s easy at first. Like most things. The trail flat, the air cool. The lake feels closer than it ever will because the trail is still flat and the air is still cool and you are only five minutes into a hike believing in something that, until today, was but a constructed image drawn up by the array of images you’ve seen plastered across the web of this place. The images? Vivid. Color-graded and photoshopped but the place is real […]... Read more
The Puebloan is a new series from PULP exploring the stories, people, and narratives of the Steel City and everything inside the county lines. This time on The Puebloan, host Ashley Lowe, tells the story of Lucky the Horse, a paper mache horse  who survived Pueblo’s flood of 1921, and a... Read more
Whether you’re a Colorado native new to consuming cannabis or you’ve recently relocated from a non-legal state and are looking to enjoy your newfound freedom, there are a few things you should know. How Much Marijuana You Can Legally Buy and Possess Adults 21-years-old and older are allowed to legally purchase... Read more

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