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Robbie Salazar Jr., a Starbucks barista, asked former Texas Congressman and Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke if it was really him — the Democrat who captured the nation’s attention for his biting speeches, seemingly cool attitude, and close race with Sen. Ted Cruz last year — that was ordering coffee in... Read more
Shah’s Kabob and Gyro have come quite a ways over the last couple of years. Since the early days of setting up shop in parking lots, the family-owned business has since moved up the food industry ladder even further. What began as a local favorite food truck has evolved into... Read more
Imagine this.It’s 2021, it’s early autumn and the one hundredth and twenty-first Bell Game is about to kick off. Dutch Clark Stadium is at full capacity with standing room only because for one last time Pueblo wants to see the final game of Centennial versus Central. The last Bulldog versus... Read more
Teen suicides are more prevalent in Pueblo than in other parts of the state, and there are barriers to behavioral health treatment that a new report by Colorado’s Attorney community needs to overcome before things worsen.Pueblo is one of four Colorado counties identified as having the state’s highest teen suicide... Read more
It’s the most consequential election of Pueblo’s modern history. After months of a crowded election, the best that Pueblo voters could decide is that they liked two candidates fractionally better than 16. The general election was so fragmented that issues and vision were pushed aside because there was no room for... Read more
Felicia and her two teenage children have been living in a state of flux since 2010.On this August morning she wouldn’t give her last name at the Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen on West Seventh Street in Pueblo. Over a coffee and a braided, glazed doughnut, she explained her situation.Felicia is the... Read more
WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists are seeing surprising melting in Earth's polar regions at times they don't expect, like winter, and in places they don't expect, like eastern Antarctica.New studies and reports issued this week at a major Earth sciences conference paint one of the bleakest pictures yet of dramatic and dangerous... Read more

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