Strange Americans (Photo via Scott McCormick)
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Take a shot of the alt-Country twang of Denver’s Strange Americans

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Open-sky Americana | Strange Americans

Brimming with big production and bigger songwriting, Denver’s Strange Americans have taken a noticeable leap forward on Borrow You, Brother. From the opener of No Punches all the way through album closer Towers, there isn’t a song that doesn’t radiate with warm and inviting Pop-Americana, laced with earnest Springsteen-esque blue collar bravado that can and hopefully will crossover well and play to both the folk fests and the indie fests alike.

Jagged Grunge Punkers | Loretta Kill

Taking major snaps from the 90’s, the 4 songs that comprise Denver, CO relative newcomers Loretta Kill’s Dumb Child EP are absolutely replete with a sneering yet endearing demeanor; part overdriven punk and big fuzz grunge rock worship, but inlaid with real sparks of geniusly simple songwriting and catchy melody that catch you off guard.

Trippy Lo-Fi Hip Hop | Amalgimals

Telluride, CO is usually known for bluegrass and jam band vibes, but make no mistake; there’s some real hip hop coming out the 970! With 35 tracks, Telluride’s Amalgimals take the lo-fi route on Vol. 1, cloaking this digital beat tape in dense layers of reverb soaked jazz and vintage pop overlaid with sample after sample, turning the experience into more of an aural collage than hip hop album.

Hushed & Intimate Indie | weareforests

Listening to weareforests Part, Parcel with headphones in is quite the intimate encounter. Like a secret only meant for you to hear, full of warmth and ambience, all eight songs from this Fort Collins-based singer-songwriter hum softly and poignantly, creating a space for the listener to really take root and appreciate them as they are.

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