Puebloan climbs Manitou Incline to show solidarity with France

Credit Dan O'Sullivan

Joining in with the world to pay their respects after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, Sam Chambers and Dan O’Sullivan took to the Manitou Incline in Colorado to show their solidarity and love for the victims in Paris. The duo took a long-exposure photograph of Sam Chambers holding lights of the French flag while photographer Dan O’Sullivan captured Sam going up the 2,200 ft incline.

Here’s what Sam Chambers told our Kara Mason:

I was just the “Stuntman” willingly to ascend a snow covered incline at night while holding the lights. Dan O’Sullivan Photography from Colorado Springs was the visionary. He captured me from parking lot of Manitou Springs H.S. About 1-1/2 miles away using timelapse techniques, and a fat 3200 mm lens. It has been proclaimed public domain, as the whole project was in memoriam to the victims of terrorism in France.

The post has been trending on Facebook since the two shared the image.

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