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Pueblo Indie-Pop Songwriter James Hawken hones a unique voice on new EP

Jazzy Hip-Hop, Stoner Metal and more on display in the Soundbooth

Sweetly Serene Storytelling | James Hawken

In the 7 songs that comprise Pueblo singer/songwriter James Hawken’s A Better Message EP, you’ll find a bit of Pop, a bit of Indie, a bit of downtempo Blues. Which is all great. But the impressive part is the crafting and culmination of these influences to create soulful, heartwarming and out and out great songs from a man who just may be on the come up in Pueblo. Check this one out.

Deep Jazz Boom Bap | Qopycat

Moody and introspective, Qopycats sublime The 3-Letter Word opts for a subdued and downtempo series of instrumentals that break into elements of loose jazz and soul-laced RnB, while retaining hip hop as their core. But these aren’t your standard rap beats; they’re more like afterparty jams, low and slow, meant for just a few heads at a time.

Angular Indie Rock | Simulators

Seemingly drawing from a well of 30+ years worth of independent and underground rock music, Denver’s Simulators new EYES EP funnels the metaphorical gasoline of hyperkinetic post-punk and driving 80’s college rock bands into a melodious modern glass bottle, lights it with a rag and blows it all to hell. But in the best possible way.

Fuzzy Murk Metal | Green Druid

With 3 songs that plod their way gloriously over the half hour mark, Denver’s Green Druid sludge out the kind of heavy fuzz jams on Ashen Blood that may just give you a contact high. Deep, thundering sections of proto-metal intermingle with pieces of moody atmospherics, creating a heavy metal monster that could likely do damage to any city in its’ path. -John Bueno

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