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The post-hardcore & crushing indie of Denver’s Surrender Signal breaks up the catatonia of rock n’ roll

PULP Soundbooth Album of the Month – “Landgrab” from Surrender Signal

For Fans Of: Fugazi • Cap’n Jazz • Russian Circles

From the very first notes of Denver trio Surrender Signal’s Landgrab I was convinced there was something special about to happen in my headphones. With jagged and angular rhythms and twisting electric guitar histrionics that zig and zag within and atop themselves, this record seems specifically meant to break up the catatonic state the so called “mother’s heartbeat” of rock and roll.

For the uninitiated, the “heartbeat theory” states simply that music is best taken in by most listeners at the steady rhythm of 4/4 time, as most songs are usually structured. Surrender Signal bucks this trend entirely, opting for their own pulsing cadence that just might wake you up.

But the treats don’t end there; Surrender Signal seems to delight at the notion of taking their atonal and jagged song structures, ripping them to shreds and producing something uniquely beautiful. Tasteful and subtle swashes of 90’s era-Dischord records post-hardcore and the more experimental indie-rock roster of both Touch-and-Go and Merge records seems to weigh in on Landgrab, albeit with the group’s own signature take on this newly-minted classic era of American independent music, which is great, as I can see Landgrab, with the proper time and attention, being on quite a few classics lists in the following years.

All hail Surrender Signal. Shows and more info from these up-and-comers at

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