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Night of the Living Shred smash together thrash metal and comedy

'the Shred tearing it up at the Triple Nickel for their album release this past month. (Photo via Jacki Vitetta)
The beer is flyin’ when ‘the Shred is on. (Photo via band / Jacki Vitetta)

Extreme forms of modern music, (namely metal, hardcore and all subgenres contained therein) are well known for their brazen lack of goofiness. But in today’s heightened political and societal climate, I think we could all use a little more humor in our day-to-day lives. And Colorado Springs unholy trio Night of the Living Shred are here for you, babe, on Ain’t Nothin’ to F*ck With.

Sonically, NotLS takes the highway to the thrash-in’ zone; monster crunchy metal riffs and a bludgeoning rhythm section run this album, and they do it damn well. These, however, are anything but funny, so the yucks delivered by NotLS are contained within its lyrics and song titles. Featuring catchy li’l diddies with sweet names like “When I get Sad I like to get drunk and listen to Lucero” and “Straight Edge For Life…Or at least until I turn 21”, Night of the Living Shred keeps their tongue planted firmly in cheek. This, along with a bunch of skits interspersed within the album taking on Guitar Center n00bz, bro reggae dudes and crust punx alike, make the record just as much a charmingly off-kilter blend of comedy album and thrash-core rager, perfect for longhairs and thrash-zoners who need a laugh.

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