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PULP hand picks some of the hottest sounds shaping Colorado!

The Northern Empty |  “Suzie”

Have winter madness and cabin fever begun to set in? You need an indoor dance party, and the Northern Empty is gonna help you get through these cold months with a full dosage of cheerful and downright fun indie-folk!

Old Sport |  “To Give”

Break out those old cardigan sweaters! Denver by way of Fort Collins chill dawgs are dishing out 10 songs of indie laced Emo-revival. Math-y and driving indie music, just like Braid used to make.

Panther Martin |  “PILE”

Panther Martin, in a nutshell, are like spinning your hippie parents’ cool old psychedelic records at a modern day molly party while mom and pops are away on an ayahuasca retreat. So, you know, awesome.

Boo Radley & Gorilla Gobody |  “SAMANDSHIMODA”

If you like your hip hop on the grimey and abstract tip, with rhymes full of allusions to geek stuff like Ren and Stimpy and Revenge of the Nerds samples, these Denver cats got you. Don’t sleep on it.

Overslept |  “I’ve Been Keeping To Myself”

On their debut full length, Denver indie post rockers Overslept shred 90’s-era emo and pop and roll it with care and finesse into a modern alt-rock cigarette, best enjoyed with windows down and volume up in the car, right next to BAE.

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