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New Music Colorado – April 2016 Edition

Pale Sun | “darkmoonwhiteout” 

Pale Sun, the newest project from former Puebloan Jeff Suthers (of Bright Channel/Moonspeed infamy) is a dense, swirling mass of luxuriant shoegaze-permeated whimsy, with lush instrumentation serving as the backdrop for Mr. Suthers’ listless-yet-restless vocal incantations. Understated, genre transcendent and simply astounding.


Brother Wild | “White Flag”

The music of Brother Wild is big. Not in volume, nor in fanbase (though it very well should and could be). What it is big on are ideas, big on sound, big on pop hooks. With a tip of the cowboy hat to Southern rock and current Alt-Country feel, these Boulder boys could be onto something, well, you know.


Dead Set | “Lower Than Low Can Be”

Modern hardcore punk is all-too-often derided as the idiots domain, which is an unfortunately accurate statement sometimes. To counter said statements, I’d happily throw LTLCB on any day, which keeps the brevity and intensity of hardcore firmly intact, while also dispensing with lowest common denominator lyricism and attitude. Killer.


Charlie Continental | “Time” 

Two songs. Two, 2, two songs is all we get from Charlie Continental, the solo debut of Denver Party Punks SPELLS guitarist Chuck Coffey. And man what a shame. This stuff is habit forming, hook laden amped-up Power Pop that has an infectious energy that’ll leave you with a hankerin’ for more! C’mon Coffey, let’s get a full length goin’!


Montoneros | “Heat Horse” 

On their newest release, Denver hot boiz Montoneros put forth the math-y emo revival currently in vogue here in the states, with an intricate stop/start aesthetic flourished with gleaming crystalline guitars, like Johnny Marr tapping out electric guitar morse code. But where they differ from their contemporaries is in their willingness to take those elements and dare to push the boundaries of them with elements of indie and pop punk “whoh-oh” wonder.

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