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New EP from Pueblo Metalcore warriors BRIDGES is a brave new world

BRIDGES live at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. (Photo via band)

For Fans Of: Deafheaven  // Shai Hulud  // August Burns Red

Self-titled music albums often equate a scorching of musical earth; that a band or artist has grown from their previous works or at the very least incorporated them into a new direction. Or it means you’re too lazy to give your album a title.

But I’m happy to report that it’s the former with BRIDGES. For a half decade and running, this Pueblo based five piece (born from the ashes of early aughts Pueblo acts like Dorian Gray and Son of Man) have been crushing stages all over Colorado with their particularly crushing blend of technical metal-infused hardcore.

Not content with this simple but effective formula, BRIDGES has always stood out for their sense of sonic experimentation, and this newest EP continues on with their foray into other genres; elements of black metal and grindcore meet up particularly beautifully against swashes of dare I say downright pretty and enthralling swells of ambience, taking these songs and giving them more depth and emotive qualities, and in the process solidifying them as being steps above your average chuggy drop C metalcore band. “False Hope”, the closer to the record, exemplifies this newest facet, alternating from a raging set of guitar riffs and a thundering rhythm section into a quieter but no less vitriolic section that shows you don’t need the old trick of volume or distortion to be considered heavy.

Shows and info for everything BRIDGES available on their Facebook page.

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