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Millicent – February PULP Bandcamp Artist of the Month

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Colorado Spring’s Millicent may have already invaded your headphones. But don’t worry. This aural breach of your ears isn’t to be feared. No no no. It’s to be welcomed with loving arms. For only $3 USD, you can download a group that is bound for glory! Only in America!

On this, their fourth Bandcamp release, Millicent continues and refines their unique blend of traditional Pop and Rn’B musicality, and further infuses this formula with subtle electronica flourishes and current dance music to form what they lovingly refer to as ‘Vibe Pop created to make your shoulder move’, a description that encapsulates their sound better than I ever could. On “Deux”, dreamy soundscapes, anchored with tasteful synthesizers and tones, pulsate over subdued-yet-spot-on drum tracks, musical co-conspirators Steven De La Roche and Tyler Cuchiara helping create a billowy atmosphere for the entrancing melodies of musician and vocalist Emily Knurr. As a songwriter, I’m hard pressed to find another artist as self aware lyrically as Knurr, her captivating and hushed delivery sounding coy and fearless at the same time, with a confidence in her voice and lyricism rarely heard by someone her age.

The songs on this newest E.P. don’t scream for your to notice them. Put it this way; If they were a person at a party, they’d be the cool mellow one, hanging out in the back, casually sipping their drink, never begging for the attention of the room but getting it anyway by virtue of being that damn intriguing and cool.

for fans of /// Portishead • Years & Years • Little Dragon

Millicent is going places. Follow their journey and find out more at

Download “Deux” at!

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