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Let the hazy dream pop of Grand Junction’s Mount Orchid pull you under

PULP discovers the newest in CO metal, hardcore, hip hop & more in the Soundbooth

Dream-Pop Sweetness | Mount Orchid

The vintage-pop of Grand Junction, CO’s Mount Orchid has a staggering degree of complexity for such understated music; On Wallflower Child, a tasteful mishmash of the lighter end of indie rock and jam band-adjacent aesthetic mingles quite easily and goes down smooth with the dream pop shimmer and electro kiss of bands like Tame Impala and the Shins, all providing some much needed color to the Southern Colorado scene.

Prog-Metal Wizardry | Black Phillip

There are so many styles on display with Denver’s Black Phillip and their way too short self titled EP, and every single one is executed to perfection. Tech and prog-Metal may lay the foundation for the group, but grim amounts of black and orchestral metal jam their way in there too, threading it all together with decidedly fresh amounts of math rock and an extended outro that has the album end on one of the creepiest notes in recent memory.

Bruising Melodic Hardcore | Over Time

Denver four piece Over Time’s Chances seems to draw from a few different poisoned punk rock wells; the saccharine new-styled pop punk like the Wonder Years and the Story So Far, 90’s era melodic hardcore (think Lifetime or Good Riddance), and the skate punk of NOFX and Lagwagon. They have used these in a quartet of songs that build on what my expectations were and then blowing them out of the water. A stellar EP.

Freak-Trap Beat Tapes | Dank Franks

The sheer breadth of what is doable in hip hop and electronic music continues to astound me. Take for example, Traveler of the Zodiac by Denver artist Dank Franks. By fusing stark and beautifully fragmented elements of glitch and trap-laced hip-hop together with seemingly stream of consciousness styled sampling and synthesizers, all held together loosely with trap beats and an off-kilter love for jazz, Franks has made a unique AF record lending itself to multiple listens.

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