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Interview: Paper Thick Walls Plays Pueblo



Some people might say that Pueblo isn’t the ideal place to catch a show but if you know where to look you might be surprised by the talent that comes through to play at local venues. Paper Thick Walls, a band from the Chicago area, recently played at the Downtown Bar. They’ve only released one record but they are quickly gaining momentum in the indie folk world. I got the chance to sit down and talk with a few members from the band that has been compared to Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens.

So how did Paper Thick Walls form?

Kate Schell: Well, Eric and I met in college. We had the same producer. I was working on a solo project and he was in a band and then it just sort of grew from there.

Eric Michaels: Its weird, it turns out Andrew and I grew up three blocks from each other and we didn’t know each other until he joined the band.

What bands or artists have influenced you?

Kate Schell: Oh gosh, it’s all over the place. Everybody has a different background. I’m more into folk so like Lykke Li and Emily Haines but Eric is into more rock like Radiohead then we have a big bluegrass influence from the other members and some classic rock.

Right on, you’ve been compared to bands like Arcade Fire, how do you take that when you’re trying to make your own sound?

Eric Michaels: We try to ignore comparisons… but they are flattering!

Kate Schell: Yeah, we all write together so it’s not like we’re trying to be like other bands. It’s really just our different backgrounds coming together to make our sound what it is.

This was your first album, what was it like putting it together?

Kate Schell: Super easy, writing then producing. A lot of it was actually done in Eric’s apartment.

And you’ve had really good reviews so far, has there been any that weren’t?

Eric Michaels: We haven’t really had any bad reviews but there was this one guy and he was really into rock and he said he only liked track 5 and the rest was too slow.

Kate Schell: Our publicist and management has been really good, we all work really hard to get these reviews.

You just got done playing SXSW, how has this tour been for you guys?

Kate Schell: It’s fun, we’ve been couch surfing. Last night we spent the night with two chickens and a duck. We meet a lot of cool people.

Eric Michaels: Nothing has been hard about it but the financial aspect.

So what’s next for PTW?

Eric Michaels: This summer we’re working on a movie. It’ll be called We Grew up Here. A lot of people from Sundance are working on it. We’ll be doing the soundtrack and acting in it, but it’s fictional. So that’s our next big project!

Wow, that’s a big deal!

Kate Schell: Yeah, they’ve been working on the script for over a year. We’re also going to put out another EP and touring in the fall, so it’s going to be busy, but we like that!


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Election 2012: Calling All Candidates in So. Colorado



As we ramp up our political coverage for our 2012 Election Issue in October, we were frustrated there was not one place you could go to find all the candidates. At PULP we feel it shouldn’t be impossible to find good information on local races for voters.
Who’s running for what? Who are you electing? Where do you register to vote or where do you vote? We feel for everyone to make informed decisions it’s probably best to have a look at who’s on the ballot before you see the ballot.

So we are calling all candidates to send us their contact information. Please give us the best way voters can reach you to ask you questions or get involved with your campaign. Include your website, phone and email information and if you have them your Twitter or Facebook links.

Please send your campaign information to [email protected] with the subject ELECTION 2012.

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1st Annual Community Issue

A few months ago, we had the curious idea of having a community issue. The talk ranged from a BEST OF issue to a community guide. Then we had this amazing thought: what if for August, our community issue wasn’t told by us but by you. What if the community stages a revolt and talked about building a better community in PULP?



Every month, PULP comes together to decide the central theme and stories we should share with you. We want to curate some of the best stories you’ve never heard or narrate the ones you have, in a different way. Since January, we’ve focused on unique stories in every issue and we are proud this voice has been well received.
A few months ago, we had the curious idea of having a community issue. The talk ranged from a BEST OF issue to a community guide. Then we had this amazing thought: what if for August, our community issue wasn’t told by us but by you. What if the community stages a revolt and talked about building a better community in PULP?

In August, for our first annual community issue, we are letting you take over the issue.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Tell us a story of an individual or group that’s helping Southern Colorado.
  • Tell us a story of a voice that goes unheard in our community but needs to be heard.
  • Tell us a story of someone who embodies the idea of community either here in Southern Colorado or somewhere else.
  • Tell us a story of something so interesting that it needs to be printed.
  • Show us a great photo capturing the essence of our community.
  • Tell us a story in pictures.

How to begin:

Find a good story and start writing.

Submit your article no more than 600 words. Send all submissions to [email protected]. Please include your full name and phone number where we can reach you. We will not print political or partisan editorials. We reserve the right to edit any articles for content, grammar and spelling. Your name will appear in the article. The deadline is July 15th for final submissions.

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Arts & Culture

Open Call: Pueblo Haiku Competition



Submit your original haiku for possible publication in the August issue of PULP!
To be eligible for publication, the submission must be original and unpublished. Use the format of a poem with seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five.

  • The Subjects: Pueblo and/or summer
  • Each individual may submit up to three (3) entries. Each entry must be submitted separately.
  • Submit via email to [email protected] and put HAIKU in the subject line. Submit by mail to Pueblo PULP, Attn: HAIKU, 120 S. Union Ave., Pueblo, CO 81003.
  • Include your full name, city of residence and phone number with each submission.
  • To be eligible for publication, entries must be received by July 10th.
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