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illadope: PULP Artist of the Month

They say when you’re not looking for love is when you’ll find it, which is the damn truth.

It’s also how I happened upon my new favorite album by Colorado Springs based DJ and Producer illadope. “Back in the day, when I was like 12-13ish, Coke had this li’l (online) game called Habbo Hotel that let you make beats,” he says on his early days “and it started from there.” But he’s come a long way since. The arrangements contained within the half hour and change of “GIVING’SON” are at times jazzy, Southern-fried Trappy, psychedelic and Golden-era Boom Bap-y, sometimes all at once. But such sundry styles never clash with one another, clawing or snapping on the beat for control of your sonic headspace. Instead they play off each other, intertwining and mingling playfully, with cascading sample chops melding like rich chocolate with poly-synth tones that shimmer on top of dense and  loose drum beats,  the whole turning into easily more than the sum of its’ parts.

The whole record gives off a warm and inviting vibe. Which is great, considering when asked about what themes this instrumental album was trying to convey, illadope offered this insight. “ I wanted to capture the whole “having the “itis” (slang for the drowsy feeling after a big meal), listening to your grandpa complain that he doesn’t have an iPhone & still has to get his film developed while your cousins are in the other room playing video games” thing”. The only fault I can find with this album is that it isn’t longer. Your head will nod, your ears will ring, and it’ll have you wanting seconds. That’s for sure.

for fans of /// Madlib • Sonny Digital • Dre Rodner

illadope is always on his grind. Find all his newest tracks and more at

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