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Fort Collins hip hop producer Will C. reimagines 70’s Pop on new EP

For Fans Of: MF Doom  // Knxwledge  // The Carpenters

Well, hip hop heads, we’ve finally done it. It’s here. It’s finally okay to chop up your parents whack records. See what your parents or grandparents have collecting dust in the basement or in the garage, because it may just be fire.

As anyone who has ever been interested in “crate digging” (the acquisition of largely used records used in the production of sampling to make new music) knows, out there in the wilds of your local second hands and in your parents attic is bound to be more than a few albums from the Carpenters sitting in the crates, dusty and unplayed, usually relegated to the $1 bin.

The Carpenters, long a staple of the sweeter side of 70’s pop songwriting, aren’t usually a valuable commodity to hip hop heads who are often looking for stuff like jazz or soul music to get down to.


Will C manages to take the polished and delicate pop music of the Carpenters and tear it to shreds, and like a masterful collage artist uses their bare bones elements and especially the soft ferocity that is the voice of Karen Carpenter to create a set of wholly original lo-fi hip hop beats that capture and also reimagine the work of a group that, just like Will C, was and is more than meets the eye.

Songs like “Champion of the World” and “Raining Hell” will be immediately recognizable to those who remember the brother-sister duo of the Carpenters, which is admirable. But it’s songs like “Karen Carpenter” and “Heart Foundation”, both tracks back to back, that really set the bar high, delving into the oft-overlooked sullen and mystique of the group, with fantastic results that make this album feel like more than a simple beats record.

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