We have one goal. Get people to your event.  

 Since 2008, the PULP has been the communities best resource to find events, listings, things-to-do, and curious attractions. While our listings have been amazing, how we handled them was not. We are never happy with mediocrity at the PULP, so we created what we think is the easiest to use and best looking community events page in Colorado.

Why make this change? In compiling the listings for print every month we found it next to impossible to find what to do. We experience errors in logging in, no way for someone to share an event, lack of descriptions, terrible layouts, and many “community” organization only posting their events — there was NOT ONE event site we found to be useful. Trust us, we go through many each month just to put together a list for our print publication. 

We are in the early stages of this new site but you can immediately start to submit your events for reviews. If you experience any issues with the new system contact us at listings@pueblopulp.com or call us at 719-543-7220.

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