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Denver’s Suns of Sorath bring forth passionate and innovative Prog-Metal on new EP

Suns of Sorath live. (Image courtesy band / Bailey Wilson)


Thick Sweltering Prog Tech-Metal | Suns of Sorath

Flowers of the Lily from Denver’s Suns of Sorath clocks in at 45 minutes for 5 tracks. 5 tracks of dense and punishing prog-metal firmly rooted in the tech and death categories. Not to say they stay primarily within those boundaries! If anything, Suns of Sorath uses these cues as a springboard into sublime moments of operatic and Norwegian-styled heavy music that the longhairs of all stripes can headbang to.


Jangly Dream-Pop Swirl | Tailfin

Like waking from a great dream, the newest self-titled EP from Denver shoegazers Tailfin doesn’t rouse you with anything jarring, instead opting to let you come to it slowly. If you do, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with four songs of lush and hazy swirls of post-punk bliss, swathed in layer after layer of soft reverb and fuzzy delay. You’d better lay down for this’n.


Dance Party Alt-Pop | My Body Sings Electric  

The new B Sides collection from My Body Sings Electric (who I’m hoping are named after the sublime Walt Whitman poem) is smart and catchy pop music that is unironically alternative and proud of it. The melodies are sharp and inviting, the beats are danceable, and the songs are so well done you’ll be begging for more!


Hip-Hop Nu-Soul shakedown | Ms. Fedorchak & 4thEye

Resurfacing after an initial 2012 release, the 8 songs that comprise Clouds from Denver area artists Ms. Fedorchak & 4thEye overflow with so much unique audio power that these words may not do them justice. Clouds breezes easily between sample based hip-hop, jazzy jaunts and deep soul a la an Erykah Badu and Lana Del Ray collabo, with a keen film noir aesthetic and enticing beats from producer 4thEye. So many gold stars to this one!


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