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Denver’s Radio Scarlet are the soundtrack to Alt-Rock Halloween

For Fans Of: New Order / 45 Grave / Bauhaus

It’s PSL season, boys and ghouls. The weather is getting colder, the foliage is slowly dying, and before you know it you’ll be crunching dead leaves betwixt you winter boots waiting for winter’s chill to seep in.

🎵 It’s the time of the sea-e-son for Death-rock🎶

A goth-infused subgenre of punk rock, deathrock is always great, but not always season appropriate for most. The closer we get to Halloween, however, the better time it is for it; and boy do we have just the band for you!

Way too aggressive for most goths and probably too spooky for most punks, the on-the-nose named album “Too Goth for Punk, Too Punk for Goth” from Denver death rockers Radio Scarlet hits a sweet spot for this Halloween season. Cool, experimental and darkly danceable beats pulsate over punk vitriol all over the record, while maintaining the hard edged and aggro elements that make the death rock genre eternally cool.

Existing in the narrow and often at odds space between genres is no easy task, but Radio Scarlet does it with panache, writing dark and despair-ridden diddies that tinge with romanticism and an undeniable hard-edge-of-pop sensibility.

Pick up “Too Goth for Punk, Too Punk for Goth” from Radio Scarlet on Bandcamp now.

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