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Denver’s Lumesa prescribes an audio chill pill on new EP

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Deep Ambient Chillstep | LUMESA

Deep and immersive layers of soft electronics are the key to Denver based Lumesa’s sound; Downtempo chillwave-esque beats and ambient tones taking the reigns for the majority of the record, making magic along the way. Indeed, Miles Behind Us from LUMESA is like an audio chill pill you ask your doctor about, specifically designed to kindly make the listener take a beat or two, breathe, and enjoy.

Psychedelic Indie Yacht Rockers | Ancient Elk

Yacht Rock, a recently coined term used to describe the easier side of 70’s and 80’s AM radio hits, has met its current incarnation with Denver’s Ancient Elk. Taking cues from the sha-la-la wonder and easygoing vibes of those bygone eras and marrying them with a lackadaisical indie rock vibe, Ancient Elk have done something really special with this new self titled record, making an album full of placid yet undeniably infectious tunes. Pina Coladas all around!

Doom Rock Sludgefest | ALONE

The sweltering hell-fuzz and doom-laden grind fury of Colorado Springs two-piece behemoth ALONE is not to be ignored, for that’s precisely how they become more powerful. Which is the last thing this band needs; more power. I don’t think modern man can even handle their intense new offering known as Death Hoarders; the towering riffage and thunderous momentum of the record was almost too much for me; I am become ALONE. 1 Million Gold Stars awarded.

Dream-Inducing Lo-Fi | DEEP DREAM

有限 EP (translated to Limited EP) from Fort Collins based producer and mad genius DEEP DREAM is 5 tracks of music designed to “simulate the deepest dreams” in the listener. Gorgeous and multifaceted sampled layers of downtempo pop and funk pervade, all tied together with a lo-fi aesthetic that is undeniable. And while I wasn’t left with a spontaneous bout of narcolepsy, I was left with a strong desire for more music from DEEP DREAM.


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