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Open Call: Pueblo Haiku Competition

Submit your original haiku for possible publication in the August issue of PULP! To be eligible for publication, the submission must be original and unpublished. Use the format of a …
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When Did The Lights First Go Out?

By Samantha Printy On May 16th 1933, a patent was granted to a man named Richard Hollingshead, Jr. His idea was to build an Auto Theater, or as it is …
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Uncommon Conversations – After Dark With Dr. Mike

Aliens forcing intergovernmental diplomacy; Ted Kaczynski: the time traveler; a two year old possessed by the devil when he murdered his grandmother; and other paranormal phenomena are all issues that …
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City of Six Sisters

PULP: How did Pueblo get involved in the Sister City organization?

Carlos Moldonado: About 40 years ago, we got an invitation from the city of Puebla, Mexico, to become …
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10 things to do (or not) at the Wild Wild West Fest

By Adam Gazzola 10. See who has a new baby. A veritable parade of new mommies can be seen every year pushing their infants in strollers while wearing daisy dukes, …
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A Tragic Masterpiece: CF&I Incident Reports

By  •  We Are Local

Most people do not think of creativity or imagination when they think about the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. Instead, CF&I generates images of dark tunnels with headlights beaming against …
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Five Things to Do When in Beulah

By Kevin D. Healey The town of Beulah is nestled within the palm of a unique natural beauty that is as singular as the white crow, a bird often sighted …
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