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Behold the genre-bending indie of FoCo’s Places Back Home

For Fans Of: Real Estate • Foxing • Moose Blood

As modern society continues our various progressions, so shall our music progress with it; sure, there are plenty of artists who easily and happily fall in line within a genres constraints, and many musicians look to the past to help define their own sound. But the really great artists out there, the ones shaping the sounds of tomorrow, are the ones that can shift between genres and classifications; making music that is more than the sum of its genres.

Fort Collins band Places Back Home absolutely embody this; with just a scant few years and just two releases under their belt, this five piece move effortlessly between wide-eyed nu folk, starry post-rock and intimate indie on a whim and with purpose and conviction; never at once content to stay put within any of the aforementioned genres, yet embodying them fully as a result. It’s here where Places Back Home really shine; for it’s by lacking a genre’s easy trappings they are able to make such raw and honest music, equal parts grit and glitter, that shines like a beacon of what’s hopefully to come in music.

Pick up “Falling Apart” from Places Back Home on Bandcamp now.

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